WELCOME – I am so glad you’re HERE!!!

I know how hard it is to finally get to the point where you know that something needs to change.  Perhaps, you feel sluggish or fat.  Maybe you lack energy.  You might have lost the desire to take care of yourself. I’m sure there never seems to be enough time between your life/career and/or family. And the distance between the life you are living and the life that is calling to you has never seemed greater.  IS that nagging voice inside your head telling you that you need to do something – and you need to do it NOW?

I believe that we each have our own “personal recipe” to create a life that exceeds not just our expectations, but also our hopes, dreams and aspirations!  We just need guidance in uncovering our version of the recipe. In doing so, it is important to realize that everything in our lives “feeds” us.  From the food we eat, to the work we do, to the friends and family we spend time with, and so much more.

I hear you saying, “If only I had the time.”

What if I told you that you could dramatically enhance your life by making very simple changes that lead to a domino effect?  And that these changes would not cause stress, but instead would be fun – making life more like a game to win than the hassle it is today?

Please believe me, I am just like you. But through years, and I mean years, of trial and lots of errors, I have learned how to think outside the box while still living within it.  (Read my story HERE) Your goals and dreams likely are different from mine. And the ingredients in your “personal recipe” are different too.  But the key IS finding the help that you need to uncover, create and perfect YOUR unique recipe.

Are you ready to step into the life that you REALLY want and desire?

▪    Do you know that you have all of the ingredients for that life in your personal cupboard?

▪    And that, with help, you can find the balance and joy that you crave?

My name is Deborah Nelson Shimer.  I understand the challenges of being a woman in today’s world, and how difficult it is to have a life that rocks!  Through my personal life journey and certification as a health counselor at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have realized that my mission is to help women learn how to take better care of themselves and their families, while living a life that makes them smile from the inside out.

I developed Ingredients For A Balanced Life because my core belief is that every woman has a “personal recipe” that is comprised of many factors.  It always starts with nutrition as that is the fuel we run on but also includes key areas such as exercise, managing stress, getting enough sleep, having sex and intimacy in your life, tapping into your passions, taking care of your family, and just making time to have fun.  Once you discover and optimize your personal recipe, the level of well-being you achieve will surprise you. Further, you will find the clarity of mind and positive energy that you have been missing or perhaps have never experienced.  Engaging in your life from this place will allow ease, freedom and joy, and replace the old pattern of exhaustion and crankiness.

I am your Personal Advocate for living a healthy and passionate life. I am real, just like you. I cook, do laundry, drive my kids around town, run a business, nurture a fantastic relationship with my new husband and wonder how to do it all too. But through hard work and a process that I can share with you, I uncovered what works for me.  YOU CAN TOO!

My commitment to you is to help you define and reach your goals, feel the way that you want to feel in your body, and find joy in your life. I will teach you how to integrate what I have learned into your unique circumstances (INGREDIENTS) and to discover your own personalized RECIPE for a BALANCED LIFE.  You CAN have it ALL – health, joy, love, passion, and more! I offer a variety of programs to support you on every step of this journey.

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